Kneeler bus with a mobility scooter

WEGO buses are fully equipped to ensure persons with disabilities are able to travel independently throughout our service area. We've even won an Accessibility award for it!

These features include:

  • Kneeling Buses: the buses can lower to the ground to ensure the entrance ramp is at a shallow pitch, making it easier for travelers to enter and exit the bus.
  • Two Securement Positions: to accommodate persons requiring tie downs for mobility devices.
  • Next Stop Announcements: audio and visual notices of the next bus stop along the routes.
  • Accessible Stop Request Buttons: conveniently located stop request buttons enable those with physical limitations to simply push a button instead of reaching for a cord.
  • Wide Doors and Aisles: allow greater maneuverability for individuals using mobility devices.
  • Enhanced Lighting: on the exterior and interior of the buses helps persons with visual challenges to navigate safely.
  • Destination Signs: large, highly contrasting destination signs on the front of the buses allow for easier recognition of the desired route.


Chair-A-Van is a curb-to-curb specialized transportation service provided by St. John Ambulance, on behalf of the City of Niagara Falls, to assist individuals with mobility challenges which prevent them from boarding a WEGO system bus.

Visitors wishing to utilize this service must be registered clients within their municipality and should contact Chair-A-Van on weekdays from 8:30 am through to 4:30 pm to book their trip at 905-357-0122.

Bookings are accepted from 24 hours up to one month ahead of the desired time of travel. Dependent on your desired travel time, occasionally some flexibility is required to ensure you may be accommodated as the service is quite busy. Service is provided from approximately 7 am through to 11 pm within the City of Niagara Falls.

Accessibility in Niagara

For more tips on accessible Niagara visit the Niagara Falls Tourism accessibility page.