Bus Features

WEGO buses are all equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure you enjoy a safe, comfortable and efficient transportation experience. These technologies include:

  • Infotainment System: video monitors provide entertaining video clips of Niagara attractions as well as notices on local events and weather conditions.
  • Automated Stop Announcements: the next bus stop along the route is announced via audio for persons with visual disabilities and a messaging sign to assist persons with hearing challenges.
  • Transit Signal Prioritization: transponders on the buses notify oncoming signal lights to ensure the buses efficiently move through the routes with minimal time losses.
  • Computer Aided Dispatching: GPS technology enables WEGO operators and supervisors to communicate visually and audibly to ensure schedules are maintained, transfers are accommodated and safety protocols are maintained.
  • Data Management: customer counting and smart card fare collection systems provide tremendous data for WEGO to better manage route and schedule development.
  • Maintenance Information: sophisticated monitors throughout the engine and transmission relay information about the safety and efficiency of the powertrain, which ensures the economy, performance and longevity of these major components.

Niagara Welcomes Cyclists!

Each WEGO bus can transport 2 bicycles on front-mounted racks. Learn more about  cycling in Niagara.

Advertising Opportunities (Red and Blue Lines only)

Adfuel's exclusive WEGO advertising opportunities, including interior card static billboards and infotainment monitor rotational videos, entices brands by entertaining and engaging, delivering messaging to a highly-targeted captive audience at the time when prospective customers will be most willing to take advantage of your establishment.

"More than 17 million visitors will spend over $2.1 billion in the Niagara Region annually." –The Canadian Tourism Research Institute

Contact Adfuel Media for advertising opportunities:

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